My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 1 Episode 3

Even though he had obtained important information, he was far from finding a solution to the problematic situation. There was a need to form a concrete plan to save Clara and Colette.
For now, Kazuki thought out that the 2 of them needed to leave the Stokes territory and shift their residence to the Brosch village, where the Liner family of the original work’s protagonist lived.

The probability of Colette and Liner coming across each other would be the highest when Clara is still alive. As long as one had played the original work, they would know that the Brosch village was in no way large, and from the remarks of Liner in the game, they would also know that all the village children knew each other. The problem was whether Colette and Liner would develop a close relationship as in the game.

As long as Clara was still alive, it would be difficult to produce a situation where Colette would live together with the Liner family.
In that case, he was ruminating whether he could somehow or the other, place Colette in the childhood friends position.

Even though he was groaning ‘Umumu….’, no bright ideas came to mind. The one who appeared at such a time, where he was reaching his limits, was none other than Norman.

「Excuse me」

Kazuki, who saw Norman bowing down his head in the exact same manner he had done a few hours ago, thought – ‘as expected, a well disciplined butler is different’, and felt moved meaninglessly.
If there was something different form before, it was the bundle of sheets held in both his hands.

「Harold-sama, how are you feeling……….」

「How many times will you make me say it, there’s no problem. And, what is that?」

「These are the map of the Stokes territory and its surroundings, and the information regarding the settlements in and around the neighborhood of the territory」

(Norman-san, efficiently done!)

He held back that shout of delight, which would destroy his character. Well, even if he had told something, it would be translated into something ominous like 「Hou, a bit impetuous, aren’t you」, which might not even seem like a compliment.

Nevertheless, it seemed as though, in just a few hours, Norman gathered up the huge amount of information. He decided to ignore asking him about what he did with the original work he was assigned.

「Well worked. Well then, how the hell do you plan to save that servant?」

「……..It is extremely difficult for me to say this but, I think that it would be ideal for her to migrate outside the territory of the Stokes house」

This was a huge wager for Norman.
Sending people out of the territory, this would reduce the manpower and also the revenue that could be collected from them. Harold was thinking that there was no need to mind it since, right from the start, he had no intention of killing her. Norman never thought that Harold was thinking like that.

He thought that Harold might feel unpleasant due to the manpower and revenue becoming the property of other nobles.
The thing called a noble’s honor.

「Is that so. Where is the candidate town located?」

「Th, that is, here……….」

However, looking at Harold responding as though nothing had happened, Norman, who was partly vigilant, was letdown.
Harold was looking through the document brought by Norman, while listening to him. That attitude was seriousness itself.

In fact, being enthusiastic about Norman’s proposal, he promptly started to think about a plan to deal with the point which appeared to be problematic.

「The things that need to be gathered to migrate outside the territory is numerous. In the first place, is it even possible to come and go out of the territory of the other nobles easily?」

「For individuals, there are no particular regulations. However, if we send her off without anything to an unknown land, the circumstances of her livelihood might be hard. I think that a minimum amount of materials are required……….」

If that was the case, there was a need to use a small, horse-drawn cart. Of course, a horse-drawn cart of the Stokes house.
And, for a cart belonging to a noble or a merchant to pass through, a transit permit was indispensable.

「With the goods, if the daughter is also added to that, the utilization of a cart cannot be avoided. Then, there is also a need to do something or the other regarding the transit permit………….really, there is nothing more problematic than this whole damn thing」

Contrary to his words, his eyes don’t leave the document even for an instant.
And, Norman was surprised to see that Harold had a grasp on the matters concerning Clara and her family, as though it was obvious. He had thought that normally, Harold was indifferent like his parents.

(Perhaps………..No, it must be so. Harold-sama, even at his age, must be thinking about the people)

Therefore, didn’t he ask the one who had proposed to save her to tackle the situation personally?
If thought about it like that, everything fell into place.

Also, wasn’t the bragging about using her as a test subject for his new magic, to hide her, who was about get slain, in a safe place for the time being.

Without showing disapproval at losing the almost nonexistent profit from the manpower and revenue of a single person, wasn’t he seriously trying to save her without putting on airs.

While thinking about the future, Clara running away to a land where the Stokes house’s power doesn’t reach would be the safest for her. That being the case, rejecting that suggestion would be idiotic.
From the start, Kazuki was moving to save her. It was natural that he wanted to give it his all when he was unexpectedly requested for assistance in that matter.

Passionate feelings welled up in Norman’s heart. And simultaneously, he felt ashamed at himself for being suspicious towards Harold.
He shouldn’t be doubting the young boy, who was groping around for a solution to save a single servant in such an earnest manner.
If the boy himself was so serious, then he must also be serious. When he thought like that, his tone also naturally became passionate.

「In this town, in the following season, due to the harvest festival, they constantly require help………」

「Compared to the Stokes territory, the cost of living is high. If there is no environment where they gain a stable income……..」

Regarding his opinion, Harold precisely pointed out the problem, with the document as his basis. That thinking ability, outlook and knowledge weren’t that of a 10 year old.
Inside the young boy’s body was a university student, so it wasn’t a mystery that he was able to do that, but Norman who didn’t know that, couldn’t help but think that he was a prodigy.

If he spoke about his feelings frankly, Norman didn’t have even the slightest bit of agreeable sentiments concerning the Stokes house.
The current head of the family and his wife were the embodiment of the pure-blood principle and considered themselves to be the chosen ones. They looked down on anyone other than pure-blood nobles and didn’t even think of the popualtion of their territory as people.

But he, who was the son of those 2 people, was different.
Without being seized by an easy-going prejudice, holding the moral values important as a human, he had a mindset comparable to adults.

This young boy, wasn’t he the light of hope that would change the Stokes house. Harold was emitting a brilliance that wouldn’t be there if he wasn’t carrying such expectations.

「– That is all」

Eventually, the heated up discussion had ended after more than 2 hours had passed from the start of it. The sky, which could be seen from the window, was dyed in a red color.

From the exchange of his views with Norman, Kazuki also noticed some of the finer details, which he wasn’t aware of.
With that, the migration of those 2 to the Brosh village was mostly decided upon.

They hesitated on deciding the day on which they would carry out the plan. As he had played the original work, he didn’t feel that a large number of days had passed before Harold had killed Clara.
It seemed to be done on that very night at the shortest, 2 days later at the longest.

If there were no drastic delays, it wouldn’t affect the flow of original work, but with respect to taking insurance, the plan had to be carried out within 3 days, including today. This was also to avoid a situation where his parents would doubt him if he were to be too impatient. Nevertheless, it would be unrealistic to implement the plan today, at this time. Then it would have to either be the next day or the day after.



「We will carry out the plan tomorrow night. I will do something about the transit permit. Until then you complete the preparations 」


Even though he was worried, Kazuki chose to act the next day.
Guessing from Harold’s personality, he would kill Clara on the very same day, in other words, tonight. He judged that it would be the best if they made the situation stay close to the flow, as much as possible.

After Norman had left, in the room where there was only a single person, bathing in the western sunlight, he started simulating his actions and dialog for the time period starting from now until tomorrow night, a number of times.
He was taking part in a make-or-break match, where absolutely no mistakes would be permitted, since he was responsible for the life of a person.
With this, there was no way he wouldn’t be nervous.

To shake off the nervousness, Kazuki single-mindedly repeated the simulation.
He was doing that the whole time, until it was time for dinner when his completely immersed consciousness was brought back to reality.

He would know whether it was effective.
When they began eating dinner, to deceive his farther, he was able to smoothly lie.

「Father, right, I have a request」

「What is it Harold?」

「Recently, it seems that a blacksmith has opened up a shop in Leitze, and it also seems that the swords sold there are amazing. I also wish to try swinging them」

「Fumu, in that case, shall we send a servant to randomly buy some swords from there」

「That will take some time. I want it now, as soon as possible」

「Harold really is gallant. In the future, he will become a splendid noble like you, dear」

His mother was laughing with a – Hoho Hoho.
Kazuki didn’t know why he was gallant for just wanting a sword, but since it was no different than being a covering fire, he decided to take advantage of it.

「Mother is also telling that, hey isn’t it fine? If there is a transit permit, we can send someone to buy them for my use」

「Doesn’t Harold seem like he really wants it? Dear, won’t it be fine to just write a few lines」

「Alright. Then, tomorrow morning, I will write the transmit permit」

「Thank you, father!」

If one only looked at the dining table filled with laughter, they would think that it was an intimate and happy family. But for the surrounding servants, it wasn’t a thing that they could warmly watch over.

Everybody knew, that they only thought of the servants as rocks on the side of a road.
It would be the same even if they were there or not there. In the first place, they don’t even notice them.
Even though it was the family of their employer, they couldn’t find those kind of people likeable.

The bleak harmony, formed from talking with the current head and his wife, advanced with the night.
But nobody present here knew that this was a scene which was false.

Except for Kazuki and Norman.

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