11 thoughts on “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 1 Episode 9

  1. “Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow it’s only a day away!!” XD
    Is it just me or that “I’ll have it done by tomorrow.” message in the side bar been up for a couple days now? Me thinks the internet doth break again. Let’s pray to the tech gods it gets fixed soon.


  2. Haha, what makes waiting even worse (for us leechers) is that in adition to the story being quite interesting I feel that your translation is also of a very good quality.

    Now, as many people do, you evidently have a lot of things going on in real life so I thought that I would come with a few suggestions to reduce the risk of hate-trolls breeding in your comment sections:
    Some minor life-signs every now and then would be much appreciated so we know you’re all right. Also, I feel you might benefit from altering your Schedule and instead write “chapters are done when I am done with them” or something unless you are absolutely sure you can keep the chapters coming twice weekly. Not being able to keep up with the timetable may run you the risk of breeding hate-trolls and it may also have a negative effect on your will to translate. (PS: I have no negative intentions writing this, if you find it helpful then great, if not just pretend you didn’t see it.)

    I wish you good luck with RL and hope I can enjoy more of your translations in the future.

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    1. Thanks, and if I don’t force myself a bit by seeing that schedule, I don’t think I’ll even translate a chapter a month. I get distracted extremely easily.
      And sorry about not giving updates regularly.


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