My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 1 Episodes 10 & 11

Really sorry about that. Internet’s back. Atleast this time, hope it’ll remain for more than 5 hours. Some idiot cut the freaking cable and stole a part of it. And the service guy was sooo annoying. My roommate almost hit the guy. And I was also procrastinating a bit because I was bored and had nothing to do since the Internet was down. Don’t know how I survived that. But the main fault was that the Internet was down, alright?
And thank you LordFifth for translating episode 10 and appeasing the readers.
These 2 are for last week.
Here’s Episode 10 and Episode 11.

13 thoughts on “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 1 Episodes 10 & 11

  1. You said that the internet was down anyways… so i did assume that. Thanks for the chapter~
    Surviving without internet is quite possible… if you got enough books and don’t read 1000+ pages on a day easily…. (~1800-2000 was my record… but i didnt sleep that day i think… xD)


  2. I know the feel of being so bored you don’t feel like doing anything, assholes took out the power for 3 days straight this week. I know that kind of rage very well


  3. Lolol sounds like it was stupid, no worries guy thx for the tl as always and yeah lol who the hell steals part of a cable~


  4. Ah, it happened close to me once. They can get copper from the cable and resell it, but the fine they can get if they get caught usually make it rare to happen.


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