Not a chapter

Sorry, but no chapters again this week. I got sick due to the heat. Most probably, there won’t be any for the next week too. Chapter 22 is from Liner’s PoV. I’ll try to get it out next week. And do you guys want bulk releases or regular ones?

46 thoughts on “Not a chapter

  1. Personally, I want the bulk releases, because of the cliffhangers that would most likely appear~! lol. Anyway, there’s not much tension now, so regular ones it is!

    So depends on the tension of the story, like when our mc got slapped due to misunderstanding and the following steps of letting the girl know, like that! it should be bulk if it’s like that, but when the arc is just beginning, it should be good for regular ones.

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    1. Same, bulk releases are especially nice for Death Flags, but the author tends to do cliffhangers a lot so regardless, I feel like we would be left with a cliff most weeks anyway.

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  2. Get well soon! If possible, you should take a lot of breaks in-between translations. Sickness usually comes due to low resistance of the body due to fatigue, stress or many more. And bulk releases to the point of killing the cliffhangers! Once again, take care of yourself Madao!

    I’m a lurker, so I rarely comment due to how hectic my life schedule is (work x college) but thanks for translating this novel!

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  3. chapter are like drugs, give us some from time to time to get us addicted, not to slow nor too fast,
    too much can make us overdose and while waiting we get bored and drop

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  4. Hope you feel better soon. 😦

    As for chapters, I prefer to see them regularly — but if it’s more convenient for you to do batch releases, by all means do so.


  5. ill be happy if u can just keep to the 2 chapters a week you set yourself, hate getting these post on release date only to say “not a chapter”

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      1. I agree with him but I understand RL problems. Do what you must to be healthy, I liked the 2 chaps a week but If you brought it down to one a week I’d be more than fine with it. I’m not a fan of bulk chapters because I have a tendency to push back RL, reading is a drug for me, too much and Ill get nothing done. Anyway, enough ranting, thank you for your hard work. You’re definitely one of the better translators out there! Keep it up!


      2. I’d like three chapters daily, and also for someone to come over and feed me cake on a gilded spoon, I will however settle for whatever is on offer. Remember, you don’t owe us shit,

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  6. Is “both” on the table?

    But seriously, regular would probably be better than bulk I think. The cliffs are strong, but that’ll be true even with bulk releases. It’s much better to have a schedule I know I can rely on.

    Get well soon!

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  7. I think you should just keep the normal pace, but hey I’m a master of cliff hangers and I eat them like breakfast so I don’t know.


  8. Get well soon! Also, I vote for bulk releases. But it’d be great if you kept the progress sidebar up to date. I always see it at 0% and then suddeny a mass release? My heart can’t take it!


  9. get your madao better… I mean your kintama… nevermind just hope your health get better soon~

    well why not both when there’s no cliff to climb just release normally and whenever there’s a need for cliff climbing equipment keep ’till bulk release ? :V

    … I’m a greedy personnage so I’ll leave here before saying more stupid things~


  10. Ah… could we have bulk releases regularly? 😛
    Bulk would be great but not if the interval is too big… maybe just 2 at a time?

    Nn, thanks for the hard work and get well soon! 🙂


  11. Just go back to one a week, and live and not die, and shit, because if you die, all these people won’t care and will forget about you in 1 week.


  12. Getting sick is terrible, I completely understand your lack of motivation and energy. Personally, I prefer spaced out releases, but I’m fine with bulk releases as well. Hope you get better cuz I can’t get enough misunderstandings 😛


  13. I am greedy so I wish for a bulk but I’m not cruel so regular is find with me as long as when your better you can make more kids cry or laugh by translating more.


  14. since part 1 ends at chapter 22, you can just translate that one for no cliff-hangers (unless the author made cliff-hangers for the end of part one). I really like the bulk releases, but you should just translate however you want. We are all leechers here.

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