My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 2 Episode 29

Sorry for not being able to finish until 30 this week. Here’s Episode 29.

So, I might have been mistranslating the name of the knight order. It’s Seiou kishidan – sei can mean saint or holy or sacred, and always using chivalric order seems somewhat awkward. What do you guys think? Should I use Holy King’s order or Sacred King’s order or keep it as it is?

28 thoughts on “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 2 Episode 29

  1. Why not Holy Knight Order?

    Seeing as Chivalry/Chivalric is a code of conduct for Knight Orders of the medieval ages.


  2. I think rather than having “king” in it, a better, more natural translation might be something like “Sacred Royal Order.” That just seems to flow a bit better to me.

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  3. Thanks for the chapter! I think Sacred King Order would be better, but I’m really not leaning strongly either way.


  4. You. You are seriously making me like this serie. Honestly I like it and thank you for sharing this.

    Now then, my honest opinion about translation and release and whatever. I’d be fine with one releasy once a week, heck, even once a month would be fine as long as you don’t give up this serie!

    But Nooo, you just had to release in bulk like that. One time you are radio silent, and the next “hey guy, ive translated all XX chapters but imma gonna release them once a day other you’ll die, you ungrateful biteches!”

    You. Are you playing with my untainted super innocent little reader’s hearts?!

    And on an obvious note. Thank you a lot for the releases!


  5. Hey madao,
    can we expect two chapters today or are you going to wait a couple weeks to do a batch release again?


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