20 thoughts on “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 2 Episode 31

  1. I find it strange that you are struggling with your exams when you have studied and yet I, who never really studied much, almost never failed my exams.


  2. You should study long before exams starts. That way, when exams begin, you mainly need to review.

    And, thanks for the chapter!


      1. He’s right… It might sound like a pain but it’s… Sound advice. Ba dum tssh.

        Anyway, on a serious note do study early, make sure to understand everything, (or most) it will make your life a lot easier.

        Also it’s actually easier, this way you can consolidate your knowledge as you learn it so you won’t be trying to learn everything all at once.


    1. It’s not the subjects being tough, it’s that I study only on the day of the exam, when that anxiety hits me. Nobody likes studying, I think?


      1. True even in uni I studied a few days before the exam to cram haha. Here is an advice just visualise yourself failing and the consequences of it. Maybe it would motivate you to study harder?


      2. Sometimes I do that, but then the next moment some novel gets updated and the next time I think about that is during the exam.


      3. Here is a good one. Go to a secluded area. Like a library. Go there only with things you need like paper books pens etc. Dont bring your laptop or phone.


  3. Never give up an exam is a mental battle~!! I’ve gone into exams where I thought fore-sure I would flunk. Only to find out the following day that I passed. Dont psych yourself out, other wise you will miss the answers you know!


  4. Thanks for the chapter! Also, good luck on your exams. As for me, it’s just about to start tomorrow and I’m still stalking all my favorite novels. 😂


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