14 thoughts on “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 2 Episode 32

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Do whatever you need to man. It’s just great to get consistent releases (even if they are a day or two off estimate).


  2. I wouldn’t drop the schedule if I were you.

    If you have a schedule for once a week then when you go 2 weeks without doing a chapter you’ll think “bugger, I better do that chapter”. If you don’t have a schedule then you could end going for a month without doing a chapter without realizing it. And the longer you go without doing a chapter, the more reluctant you will be to do it, since you’ll feel guilty and have to apologise about delaying it.

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  3. 「Or, there might also be a possibility that there is a third party that obtained the information that Noheik leaked, but in either case, we can only just speculate. I do fell sorry for you and Harold. But still–」

    Fell–> feel


  4. A deadline isn’t really that productive to me. It is much better to do it in a schedule or as a habbit… something like, translating an hour a day, or translating a few sentences before going to sleep, etc.


  5. He hasnt been on schedule for ages he either misses weeks or just releases one.
    Im ok with no schedule since its been that way for mths anyway lol


    1. For translators, if they disappear without giving a post why. Once one month passes, that’s pretty much when their project is up for grabs, and they’re assumed ‘dead’. Madao has gone missing for two weeks at a time before so… maybe we’ll get a chapter soon?

      Can’t say it isn’t tempting though… If he really did drop it I’d definitely try to be the first to pick it up @_@ That’s just how bad I want to read more Harold right now…


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