19 thoughts on “My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 2 Episode 36

      1. there was no announcement. the tranlator already took a break in june so how do you know this time it’s different?


  1. The translator being kidnapped by a being called Real Life. Happens a lot in translation scene.
    Maybe someday he will be back, bringing a new hope.
    … maybe.


    1. I can understand that RL is the first priority but what i can hardly understand that why can’t so many translators at least make an announcment about going on a break. It would take a few minutes at max.


      1. I know right? I mean RL is first priority, but it would take 5 minutes MAX. Just a simple message that says they’re going on break for however long. Or if they’re dropping it.
        If they just openly say it, it allows someone else to pick up the translation possibly instead of limbo like a lot of translations are stuck in.
        No one is so busy they can’t take 5 minutes out of a week to inform people. Unless they’re unable to do it, but odds are most translators CAN do it.

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  2. Shit just got real. I’m not a lawyer though at this point I am wishing I’d angled my life that direction. I love to be in on this for the safsatiction of curb stomping this idiocy, and to stand up for what’s right. Thank you, Ken. This is amazing work.


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