69 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. Thanks for the hard work up to now.
    I’ve enjoyed this series and if you are able to continue will gladly read more.


  2. Thanks for all your hard work so far! Good luck with whatever trouble you have in Real! Also thanks for the notice!


  3. Sad to see this, but if you’ve made the decision, I can only assume it’s for the best. Good luck with whatever future endeavors you pursue! We’ll be here should you return with more!


  4. Thanks for all your work translating until now.

    If it’s because you’ve lost motivation then I can understand.

    The first volume was interesting because the MC was planning various things and had to deal with people who had the worst opinion of him. This volume doesn’t have much of that, instead he’s wandering around being awesome and the only people with a bad opinion of him are mob characters.


  5. Honestly it sounds like it’s for the best. Focus on school for now, it’s a very important part of starting your career. Set aside time for studying (actually read your text books and do example problems) at least twice a week, and please do your best to complete all homework the day they’re assigned so it’s not piled up.

    When I was still in school, I found myself a lot more willing to do this stuff if I just went to the library right after class. If I went home, I would be distracted by games and stuff. Maybe you could try something similar? Idk everyone’s different.

    Anyways, best of luck man, and thanks for the hard work you dedicated to us readers.


  6. NOOOOO ONE OF MY FAVORITE NOVELS! Where will I go now? T_T
    Still, thank you for everything you’ve done so far, this was really fun.


  7. Ehhh what a thing to wake up to in the morning…but I am grateful that you have come this far with the novel, and I wish you well with real life! Thanks for everything, and may we see you sometime in the future again~ ; v ;)”

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  8. It is sad news. I really was looking forward to the next chapter. All in all, thank you for all the hardwork you’ve put into translating this novel. It was a fun read. Good luck to you in the future, as well


  9. Nooo! Well, at least you told us. Thanks for translating it this far by the way.
    Now, if only someone would pick it up.


  10. Nooooooo this was one of my favorites!

    Thank you for your work up until now. Take care and enjoy your life.


  11. Oh that’s such a shame. I just recently became a fan too… oh well thank you very much for your translations! Good luck in your whatever your next endeavor be it online or off!


  12. Thank you for telling us. Its sad to see you leave but letting us all know is very welcomed. Thank you for all your hard work.


  13. A death flag!!!! T^T
    So sad…. I really enjoyed this series though…..

    Thanks for your hard work!
    Hopefully someone will end this death flag someday….. (Ọ_Ọ!)


  14. * Standing on top of a cliff and yelling* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    *cry a little then exhale long sigh*
    Feeling better after acting like a crazy person
    Thanks for your hard work


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