Disclaimer – This is a fan translation. I do not own any of the rights to the story, the characters, names or images. Please don’t sue me.

Currently translating Ore no Shibou Flag. Will try to increase my translating speed.

Neither English nor Japanese are my main languages, so forgive me if there are some mistakes. And please point out if you find any mistakes so that the other readers find it more enjoyable. NO spoilers.

29 thoughts on “About

  1. Exams must be pain. Also what’s happend since part one episode 4, no chapter? Well thanks the translation anyway. The MC uses bastard like it’s going out of style. (•+•;)


  2. Hi.

    Since Japanese and English are not your native language, how do you go about translating? English is my native language…..but machine translation is still a nightmare.


    1. I mean, I’m far, far from fluent in German (at best, I was maybe at the level of “crazy immigrant granny at the grocery store”), but with a dictionary and grammar guide or an internet connection I’m confident I could slap something coherent together.

      Machine translating can be slow, misleading and flat-out wrong, and it’s really easy to completely miss idioms, references, etc., but it helps if you use multiple machine translation engines (especially ones that primarily cater to a given country/language seem to work best, e.g. http://www.excite-webtl.jp/world/english_japanese/ for Japanese), plus tools like Jisho.org or Rikia-tan/chan/kun that’ll break a sentence down into it’s grammatical components. Of course, actual knowledge about a language is also extremely helpful in making machine translation gibberish coherent.


      1. I’m trying to get people to help translate a 6 chapter manga I was curious about. Have you ever heard of koi wa mama narenai?


      2. Well the description is available in Baka updates. It’s the milf one. I really want to get at least the first chapter translated so I can gauge interest in it. However because of my poor kanji recognition I need a translator.


  3. You should create a patreon page or open paypal donations or something. I am sure there are people who would want to reward you for your work, and it might give you more motivation to translate


  4. totally agree! really appreciate your work! this is actually really good and your translation quality and speed is quite amazing!


  5. hey, what MTL is you use? i tried to translate death flag using honyaku (with translator aggregatoe) for self-reading (because i want to catch-up quickly) but it is a nightmare, because like you, neither english and japan is my native language…


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