My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 2 Episode 29

Sorry for not being able to finish until 30 this week. Here’s Episode 29.

So, I might have been mistranslating the name of the knight order. It’s Seiou kishidan – sei can mean saint or holy or sacred, and always using chivalric order seems somewhat awkward. What do you guys think? Should I use Holy King’s order or Sacred King’s order or keep it as it is?

My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending – Part 2 Episode 27

Here’s Episode 27.

Whenever somebody asks me if I’ve prepared for the exams, I’m always reminded of what Gin-san tells in Ep.173 Ep.176 (Can’t believe I mistook it even though I watched it just before making this post, sooo embarrassed), Gintama famous lines ranking countdown, at 17:10.

For those who don’t remember or haven’t seen it –

Kagura : Come to think of it, although it’s a countdown, why are we announcing from 1. Isn’t it usually the reverse?
Gin-san : Right? Don’t you love how this show is fizzling out? How we obviously didn’t plan ahead?