Not an update

I’m really sorry for not giving any updates. I had some personal problems. This week is study holidays for exams. I’ve already translated until 29, so I’ll update until 30 this week. Again, really sorry.

31 thoughts on “Not an update

  1. Life happens, I think we all know that. I’m just happy to hear where you’re at (and that you’re still at it). Looking forward to those updates!

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  2. Hey man, that’s awesome! Knew you’d come around! Thanks for keeping us posted. And wow, up to 30? I didn’t REALLY need to finish those papers anyways…

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  3. Thank you very much for the update! And please don’t apologize. You are doing all of us a favor since you didn’t have to translate anything in the first place. 🙂


  4. Thanks for letting us know. Take care of yourself, and when you have the time and interest please go ahead and enjoy your hobby of reading and translating this novel. We look forward to reading what you share.

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  5. Hey doesn’t matter if you have problems or not, just know that there will always be people who would love and support you.


  6. Booo…. I disappointed it isn’t because of your pc… If its because of that you’ll have a reason to buy a new one.. :p gahahahaha..

    Thanks for your information. I nice of you to put up notification of it.

    but mou that is true, my final exam is also near. Why are you made me remeber that?! (trying to forget the fact that tommorow will be a final exam, cause I haven’t study anything at all)

    Can someone teach me calculus, and University Chemic?

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  7. Thanks for telling us, and I’m sure everyone understands 😀
    Good luck with everything~


  8. Kinda confused on how real life would stop you from uploading the already finished chapter. Take your time regardless though.


      1. I see. Instead of doing the work yourself, shouldn’t you get someone to edit it for you? That way while your working on the next chapter or taking a break, they can be working on editing the one you finished.


  9. Sorry, I’m a bit confused here,
    Does that mean I should stop refreshing today or should I continue?


  10. it’s good to know you’re still on 😀
    problem happen, and will be faced anyway
    just take it easy to get the best result (or better than nothing)

    anyway, that’s some good news in there
    Thanks for the hard work


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